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It was Thursday, my tennis night, however, I had forgotten my bag and racquet at home this morning. I stopped by home to get my bag and noticed Li's car in the driveway. Li is one of creampie eating men of my girlfriend Mac. She's a beautiful Asian woman with a great body. Li and Mac have kept in touch since Li graduated three years ago. I didn't know that she was visiting this weekend. I always enjoy visits of this one of the creampie eating men.

When I entered our condo, I saw my bag right where I left it this morning. I also heard some moans and Li commanding Mac to lick her hard. I snuck up to the bedroom, peeked through the crack in the door, to see a wild sight for creampie eating men. My girlfriend was handcuffed to the headboard of the bed. Her legs were spread wide and tied to bed legs. Li was straddling Mac's face and was using a vibrator on her. She was thrusting hard on Mac's mouth and moaning loudly. I noticed that she was just teasing Mac with the vibrator, bringing her to the edge of orgasm and then removing the vibrator. This was going on for quite awhile. The pleasuable look on Li's face was evidence that Mac was doing a great job with her tongue. I could tell that Li was cumming, she threw her head back, dropped the vibrator, grabbed Mac's breasts and moaned and grunted loadly.

She fell off of Mac, cuddled up to her and gave her a big kiss on her lips, licking her own juices from Mac's mouth and chin. At this point, I must have bumped the door a bit, causing it to squeak. They both looked at me and Li said "Who's there?" I pushed the door open and said "It's only me not all creampie eating men of this house." It was obvious that I had been watching. My cock was throbbing hard and very evident through my pants.

Mac looked at me and moaned "oh baby, come fuck me hard, I need to cum sooo bad!"

Li smiled, saying "ya, I want to watch your slutty girlfriend get fucked hard by one of creampie eating men!"

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